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Auto Auction in Baltimore

How To Start Bidding
At Maryland Public Auto Auction in Baltimore, you'll be able to participate in some of the hottest car sales in the area. Every week, we feature different vehicles from the area. Simply visit the site to see what's coming up next week. A $100 deposit is required prior to placing a bid to show you are a serious buyer. If you bid, but do not win, your $100 will be refunded in full. All winners are required to pay 10% buyers premium.

What You'll Find

Unfortunately, we do not offer commercial or industrial vehicles at this time. Our ever-changing inventory includes various years, makes, and models, both foreign and domestic.

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Bidding / Deposit

Simply click on Bid Here (in the upper top right hand corner and complete the template and hit the submit button). Once we have recieved your email we will contact you to secure the $100 deposit to secure an official bid during our auction. The winner will be responsible for retrieving their vehicle and must pay in full before the car is claimed. We accept cash, cashiers check, or credit cards.

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